Technical areas


Fields of particular experience are biotechnology, immunology, molecular biology, microbiology, screening methods, signal transduction, novel proteins, antibodies, diagnostic methods, small molecules, pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions, methods of treatment, vaccines, flavours and fragrances, polymers, various encapsulation systems, sensitizers, electrolytes, electrochemical devices such as dye-sensitized solar cells, organo-metallic compounds, clinical, healthcare and infant nutrition, neutraceuticals, probiotics, dairy products, extrusion, mechanical devices.


The saying that you live and learn is probably a very accurate description of the profession of a patent attorney. The legal environment changes constantly and technology advances at always higher speeds. In this framework it is our philosophy not only to fully comprehend the significance of your innovation, but also, and this is generally the more challenging and more skillful part, to define it in a way that results in a protection that is broad and still fulfills the patentability requirements.


Seen from this point of view, IP Advice is interested in learning more and applying its broad experience to technical areas that are not specifically mentioned herein.  



Intellectual property